The Formal Reopening of The Royal Vantage Hotel


The Formal Reopening of The Royal Vantage Hotel.

The Royal Vantage Hotel had its formal reopening on the 8th of March, hosting its esteemed invited guests to a cocktail party and an open tour of its newly refurbished and high standard aesthetic of the décor.

The opening took off with an opening prayer, before the speech by Mr. Stefano Piotti, Founder of Stef Foundation, who proceeded to cut the purple ribbon and with an elegant flair, the doors to The Royal Vantage Hotel were opened amidst the excited cheers of all guests.

Let’s talk décor; classy, with an undertone of elegant opulence. The grandeur of the restaurant with its high rise chairs and crème brulee drapes, the VIP Lounge overlooking the indoor restaurant held that easy and relaxing vibe we all seek for a blissful relaxing night out with friends or just drinks with associates from the fully stocked bars.

On to the conference rooms we moved, passing display cases for age defying creams and all other products that are all the rage, tempting you to pull out the cards and start swiping. For the conference rooms, they kept the décor simple but elegant. No ostentatious artifacts, but just the right rose on the polished wood table, allowing for apt concentration and efficiency.
What more can someone ask for than a hotel that has it all?

The energized guests sailed through rooms, one after the other, inspecting and approving of what obviously took a lot of thought in all terms.

We headed out to enjoy the spread of choice finger foods and of course, to discuss every aspect of what we had seen, I mean that’s the selling point isn’t it?

It was a fun night, the expected networking, the joyous and raucous echoes of laughter, the bright hotel lights, the flow of food and drinks and of course, the childish excitement that comes with pretending to be celebrities on the purple carpet as the cameras flashed away.

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