The Winning Woman Series 2


The Winning Woman Series 2

The Winning Woman must know herself.

She must study herself and discover her Strenghts and Weaknesses.

If she is to be a Builder and Helpmate tomorrow then it is imperative that she begins some soul searching today.

Is she a fashionista? A conservative Dresser? Introvert or Extrovert? Go getter or Follower? Prudent or a spendthrift? Investor or a believer of e go better just like that? After praying does she have the fire to push her dreams even if she is been sneered at?

My sister the journey to Winning is a tough one.

Whatever you do remember Joy is a Tool use it. Inner Peace. Absolutely humble Spirit is very vital so we can hear when the Holy Spirit speaks.

It is time. We are waiting to see you at the Top.


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