The Winning Woman Series 3


The Winning Woman Series.3.

The Winning Woman must be a fighter. Fear must not limit her. She must self motivate.

On her journey many a time the winning woman may find the odds against her. She had projected. Executed. Prayerfully. And suddenly it looks as though the walls are falling on top of her. Sister just fight. Refuse to give in. Refuse to let the walls win. Take a step back. Quickly evaluate your gains and losses. Refuse to feel defeated. Indeed you are a courageous woman. Yes!!!! People are talking. They will always talk. But you see the good news is you will overcome.

This is why you must not allow fear to Limit you. Try and push in spite of your fears. Fear is a Spirit. Faith is it’s antidote. Use Faith. Faith is believing. It is also a Spirit.

You will have to motivate yourself too. If you find people who understand your story hold on to them tightly. But where nobody understands your struggles….My sister motivate yourself. At the end of the day the success story will be yours. It is not shared. So walk the work.

Winning Woman give Jesus the Wheel. Trust me me He is interested in your strides.


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