Memoirs of a single lady:


Memoirs of a single lady:

Being single comes with all its burdens and benefits.

I think I need a change of job! The work load on my table seems to be pilling by the day. Is it that I get more things to do because my bosses figure that as I am single I will have more time on my hands or … let me fool myself into thinking that they think I am very efficient.
In fact, I practically had to tell myself not to get carried away with office work and remember that I am still single and need to settle down. I made a conscious effort to ensure that my date with Godwin took place and I was well prepared for it.

Before I go further, there is this brother in the church that I am tripping for. He has been in the church since o – it’s just that we started working together because we are among the Committee of Friends for Sis. Nkechi’s wedding. He is a very serious-minded single Christian brother and has a job – very important! The perfect husband material!
I have been doing every decent thing possible to get him interested in me. I ensure I greet him with a warm smile, sometimes I just call to pretend to want to talk about the upcoming wedding, whenever he isn’t in church, I call to check up on him, etc. He had been forming indifferent towards me initially, but recently he has actually been warming up to me – at least he smiles now when I greet and if he misses my call, he calls back, lol. My finger has been crossed hoping for the best. This year has to be my year of settling down, whether the devil likes it or not!

That I am eyeing this brother didn’t stop my excitement to see Godwin – one does not put all ones eggs in one basket and it is not as if this brother is even interested in me in any way sef.

After work on Friday I went to the hotel Godwin told me he was lodging in.Immediately I entered his room, we screamed and hugged each other several times. It felt good to see him again after so many years. He hadn’t changed much. We talked about old times and about our present. We were both still single.

Godwin: I can’t believe that you are still single. Are all the guys in your church blind?

Me: My dear, I don’t know o! I have been asking myself that question too.

We were silent for a while. He etched towards me and cupped my face in his hands

Godwin: It has been only a few years, but I still care about you and have never stopped.

My heart was beating very fast…

Godwin: You are a rare breed – a true Christian with a good heart and you are fun to be with. My feelings for you have not changed. I still love you.

I don’t know when or how it happened – but before I realized what was happening, his mouth was over mine. Upon that realization, I quickly drew back with my heart still beating like one who was running a short distance race.

Godwin: I am sorry, but it was just a kiss. Ema, there is nothing wrong in what we just did. It is ok.

I got up from the bed and went to sit down on the available chair in the room. He followed after. I only spoke when words were able to form within me.

Me: Godwin, you know my stand on these things. It was a NO then and still is. We are workers in our various churches and we just cannot be found necking and kissing. What if your pastor comes in now?

Godwin: Ema, please stop! A lady should not be so stiff. A kiss now and then is not a sin. We are both adults and have blood flowing through us.

OMG!! The argument was sounding very familiar – all too familiar and it made me remember why our ‘relationship ‘ended. He never saw anything wrong with kissing and fondling. I always had to get his hands of my waist, butt and legs and we always argued about the ’wrongness’ of it until I got tired and gradually started withdrawing from him before circumstances led to my resignation and relocation from Lagos to Port Harcourt.

I sat there ‘thinking my life’ and wondering how I forgot and why on earth I came while he was saying a lot of things that I didn’t hear since I was lost in my own thoughts. I didn’t need to hear them anyway because I already knew his familiar words.

I was wondering whether I should repeat the same things I had always told him – it’s not good to play with ‘fire’; these little things could lead to ‘other things’ we won’t like to happen; there is no need building up a fire that will not be quenched, etc. In my frustration, I felt like crying. He was on his knees in front of me with his hands on my knees still talking.

Me: Godwin, there is no need arguing. We do not have the same convictions. We argued in the past about this and obviously we are both stuck in our convictions.
He stood up and went to sit on the bed – to my relief. I smiled.

Me: Godwin! In fact, you should do and marry!

Godwin: As you know wan marry me na…

We sat and talked for a while, filing in the gap of our experiences in the past five years. It was still nice to be with him and I had actually missed him. As he was escorting me out of his room, guess who I saw passing by?
… the brother I have been ‘eyeing’ in church. To think that he had started warming up towards me… and here I was coming out of a hotel room with a guy who was only wearing shorts and had his hands on my waist…

I knew that I needed Jesus’ intervention even more than ever!

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