Short Poem: LIFE.

It’s issue to some is a challenge, to some it’s difficult, to some it’s full of problems. To some it’s enjoyable.Truth is life is what you choose it to be. 
If it’s challenging, overcome it, and get better because that’s the essence. 
If it’s difficult, build faith and hope, get strong and rooted in it. Become it’s master, work hard and smart, and know that i’ts for a moment.
If it’s a problem, solve it. That’s the Essence of the equation. If you try and fail, keep trying till you arrive at the answer.
If you are enjoying life, then do every thing you can to keep it so. Plan for rainy days, save for rocky days.
What ever circumstance you find yourself, make it fun because the beauty of life depends on how happy you are, and how happy others can be, because of you.

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