The Devil’s Knife.


Episode 2/ Scene 1

Lizzy smiled to herself and nodded knowingly as she looked back and saw a shadow lurking behind the school wall. She knew it was him. He was on her trail and patiently too. She was pleased with herself for the power with which she was able to lead him on like a he-goat. Today, tonight, she would give him a nice bath. She would scrub off every trace and mark of Angela on him. In fact, by the time she would finish bathing him, he would be reborn like a baby. She wiggled her hips provocatively as she walked away with quicker steps.

Mike peeped again and again like a stray dog. He did not want her to know that he was chasing after her. He knew that she was one of those crazy girls in school, the kind that would easily transform into ‘runs girls’ as soon as they entered the university. They were mostly found in the hostel. His Angela was among them.

They were the big girls. That female hostel was a different cattle of fish. Girls threw all cautions overboard once they were inside the hostel. They hung their lingerie without care and moved about the place half naked. As a regular, Mike had got used to seeing them in their lowest and Angela sometimes tried to close his eyes with her hands when she saw a careless girl that was too tempting to ignore. And Mike would sometimes ask her why she was covering his vision and she would simply say, ‘I don’t want you to start running after that girl tomorrow’. ‘Are you being jealous then?’ Mike would ask for an affirmation.

He liked to hear her tell him repeatedly that he was the best man in the world. ‘Why couldn’t I be, babe? All these girls are looking for a way of snatching you away from me. Look at that one over there’, she pointed her out for him. ‘Didn’t you see the way she had winked at you when we passed by her? She was on fire for you already. But as soon as she saw that I was watching her, she quickly avoided my eyes’, she explained pleadingly. ‘Well, I’ve told you almost every time that you are too presumptuous. You easily get worried over nothing. Even if I saw her and liked her, would it take anything away from our relationship? You are just giving yourself a mental torture over irrelevant things. Here am I holding hands with you, and here you are in an imaginary battlefield of jealousy with another girl’, Mike reprimanded her.

He feigned a sudden anger. Angela immediately apologized to him, squeezing his hand and rubbing him on the shoulder. Mike smiled again finally and Angela smiled too. They both understood each other. As Angela walked him outside, he pecked her on the cheek and left. He had had a swell time with her and was somehow tired for the day. All he wanted now was a good sleep. Angela never denied him, she was always anxious to satisfy him with anything. He had made love to her the very first day she had approached him and later took him to her corner. It was night time and NEPA had just taken light. Her two other room mates were asleep (or were pretending to be asleep, whatever), he and Angela had covered themselves with a thick blanket and made love till the midnight. It was like a movie. He was the principal actor in it. She wanted him to sleep over till morning but he had refused.

He wanted to go back to his hostel, reminisce and relish the adventure lying in his bed and probably boast about it in the morning with his only roommate who was a ‘book warm’ and a ‘ju-guy’. And now, he was in an adventure with another one. Lizzy? So crazy a girl, but highly spirited. She was his kind of girl. History never failed to repeat itself. All he had to do was to tally along as long as it could last. He would simply sneak in to her and have a field day, after all, it was what she wanted. That was how Angela had seduced him. That was how he did it with her. And since then, they had been like sugar and milk with each other. She shared her pocket money with him and would always showcase him to others like a piece of trophy she’d won. She wore him on her lips like a lipstick.

Mike smiled wickedly as he watched Lizzy disappear in the distance. ‘Kai! This girl has got some swag’, he exclaimed, pulling up his sagging trousers. ‘You and I shall see through the end’, he stated further to himself and adjusted his face cap. He looked at his wrist watch, it was some minutes past five o’clock in the evening. It was getting really late and he liked it. He wanted to be there at the hostel when it would be a little dark. After all, the devil was always better and more active in the dark. And just then, he suddenly remembered something and stopped momentarily. He was now thinking, ‘how can I go to war without armour? That will be foolishness and suicidal. I could easily get beaten black and white. I have to get prepared very well for the crazy girl, at least, for this first time. I don’t know what will be of her battlefield. She might have broken bottles, thorns and nails buried in there. Who knows? And the worst of it all could be a grenade. If she was that crazy about me, she could also be crazy with other dangerous things’,

Mike enthused. He wouldn’t want to be taken unawares by the girl or anybody….to be continued.

Tochukwu Christopher Ulasi is a native of Nnewi in Nnewi-North LGA of Anambra State. He is a degree holder from a reputable university here in Nigeria. He has three locally self-published literary books- ‘the return of a god’ (drama), ‘the throbbing of the heart’ (poetry), ‘the sounds of silence’ (collection of short stories), and ‘Rabboni’ (poetry), which was published in the USA. He has won some literary awards and has contributed works to some anthologies and journals. He was a past financial secretary of ANA Enugu state chapter and later became an acting Secretary of same.

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