‘Selfish’? Nope! It’s ‘Self-Centered’


A boss lady is always visualized as a smart, mystical and sassy queen bee. While she appears to be selfish, perceivers fail to understand she‟s rather self-centered.

She’s always occupied working on herself all the time, and so she cannot shift her focus to anything other than being her better-self‟.

Traits of being Self-Centered:

Such a person always seems to be satisfied with their personality, features, and skills. Never falls prey to inferiority and loves oneself truly.

Being self-driven and independent forever and ever.

“The key to my happiness lies only within myself” is the attitude they keep up with and believe in enjoying solitude.

Minding their own business is strictly their business!

They are much confident and hardly being affected by other’s opinions when they know what they’re doing.

Highly-focused and goal-oriented. This makes them steady and reliable in all tasks they tend to take up.

Do you still think being self-centered is anything wrong? Well, it just makes us worry only about ourselves and our lives.

It’s not that we become insensitive to other people and their existence.

The degree of how much we care about other people limits to how they seem to affect our lives and goals. For instance- a neighbor partying with loud music annoys you by affecting your calm, intervening with them to get the sound levels in control would position you to be selfish for your own peace-state, rather plugging-in your headset and not bothering of what’s happening around makes you self-centered.

Selfish would mean exercising control over what others do, but self-centered is taking charge of how we go about achieving what we want. Be the one making a difference in your life, learn to love yourself completely first before learning to love others.

Be grounded and kind to yourself, because at the end of each day, you are the one who appears in the mirror that you see before you, so wake up to be the beautiful face you wish to see in the mirror, keeping in mind that- one could truly praise or criticize only the face that appears before them in the mirror.


Source: Woman on Top.

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