FASHION & STYLE: Tips For a Stylish Teenage Lifestyle.

Every girl loves fashion naturally, but unfortunately, some girls could be lucky to look good in everything and anything they wear, while some can easily forget about the trends on the market and drive their own style statement like a fashion pro.

However, if you are not in either of these categories, but find yourself staring at your wardrobe every morning struggling to decide what to wear for your outings, then, here are some tips for you to make your life easier and gorgeously set!
Take advantage of your age:
 Being a teenage girl gives you the audacity to experiment with all sorts of colours, styles and dressings without being penalized over stepping out of your dressing liberties, you know? You can die your hair red and wear a purple shirt with it and get on the go like it’s no man’s business, so wear that confidence!  The trick to never mess up is to keep it balanced. Do not mix more than three shades in one dress to avoid the market square masquerade  look.
Keep your wardrobe stacked with fun colours:
 All the colours of the spectrum are expected to be worn by a teenage girl, but one must be conversant with the one that make you look most radiant and chic.
However, to be on a safer side, a plain black dress and a solid white dress are two indispensable items you need to have in your collections. Simple blue jeans are equally useful.



Accessories is your Bestie!
 These are here to help you add your individuality and that little flare of personal touch. Jewelry is an important addition for your dress to shine the best and be on the hype. Simple earrings or matching rings can make a lot of difference and add colour to a tone down outfit. So, keep your accessories handy and keep mixing and matching to  come out great.
Hair and Makeup are the cake toppers:
 Hairstyles are like crowns placed on one’s head, however it can make you look like a princess or otherwise, hence it’s advisable to be careful while experimenting with it.
 Makeup on the other hand is a gift for you to completely reform your image. However, make sure not to wear too much of it as it tones down your dress and personality instead of bringing it out. More importantly, ensure you use the best quality makeup because your original skin is your main logo.
 Follow these tips and stay glued for more tricks to make you become the fashion guru!
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