Memoirs of a Single Christian lady (Series)


Memoirs of a single Christian girl lady:

Being single comes with all its burdens and benefits.


I am here ‘thinking my (single) life’ and my phone wants to disrupt me. It is not as if whoever is calling will bring me a husband sef.  Let it ring mbok, I dey think my life. I don’t like picking calls when I am ‘thinking my life’ it cuts into my thought process and hinders the flow. The person calling isn’t even serious anyway – just called twice…

A woman’s life is really something o! She no marry or she marry late, wahala; when she marry, she never born, double wahala; she born sef and she born only girls, make she just prepare herself for another dimension of problem… God will help us.

I sat in church today as the prayer session was going on (you no say we no dey tire for prayer for Naija, our problems too much- plus village people) and I kept waiting for the prayer sessions that were related to me and the children I teach in church- I waited till my ears turned red. It was all prayer points and prophecies related to financial and marital problems (fertility, infertility, better jobs, financial breakthrough, contracts, etc. I just tire). My children and I waited for them to remember that they needed to pray for success in their exams, admission to tertiary institutions, peer pressure issues, the effect of disoriented families on the children, etc.- no one remembered o.

As I left the church this evening after the family prayer meeting, one of the lead male choristers gave me his number and told me to give him a call when I get home. Hian! All these church brothers… what does he want me to call him for? I am sure he wants to ask me for money. I am trying to rent and furnish my own house o – I don’t have money to dash anybody now. I just got paid and it is almost gone – all these money-monitoring-spirits…  I am too exhausted to call today; office work was exhausting – arranging reports to give to our funders, trying to ensure that the office runs smoothly when I am away on a training trip to Abuja, settling unnecessary disputes among colleagues, etc.; I will call him tomorrow abeg!


I am finished! The calls I missed was an international call – UK number – and definitely Andy. Chei!!! What kind of rubbish is this eh?! Why will he choose to call when I was ‘thinking my life?’

The devil is a liar! I bind and cast! The love of my life called and I was… in fact eh! To think that I have been keeping my phone close to me all these days and he didn’t call; it is when I was not in the mood to pick calls and was getting tired of waiting for his call that he decided to call. Now, I don’t have enough credit to call back, I have not subscribed to mobile banking and shops are closed! It will be embarrassing to flash him. What do I do? Send a text? No, I will check if his number is on Whatsapp and then send him a message.

What is up with me anyway and what makes me think it is even Andy sef?

Really, I tire eh!! I will just check if the number is on Whatsapp, send a message and go to bed.

It has been a hectic day. I hope I will not sleep off as I have my quiet time this night. To think that they say being single gives one free time to pray and do everything else – they should rephrase it to, “when one is single and unemployed (or probably running one’s own business.”  A lot of the time, it is tiring combining work, church commitments/activities and one’s personal life together. One gets home totally exhausted at the end of the day. If protection at night or good dreams was hundred percent dependent on a quality night prayer session eh, people like me will be in big trouble indeed.

I still need Jesus more than ever!



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