2018 Emmy Award



The 70th Emmy award, which was held on Wednesday 18th September, 2018. At the Microsoft Centre, Los Angeles.

The event, which is the biggest movie night in Hollywood Television, was hosted by Collin Jost, and Michael Che.

The event kicked off with the Red Carpet, which was a display of glam, colour, sparkle, flawless make-up, and celebrities showing off their lovely dates.

Tom Arnold, alleged Mark Burnett choked him, at the pre-emmys party. This event, which most people speculate is sheer publicity stunt.

As expected, loads of celebrities, tried to make fashion statements, some rocked it, but some got over the edge with it. Tracee Ross, took to Instagram, to upload a video of her, using her gown as a blanket.

The winners include; Claire Foy, American Crime Story, The Assassination of Gianni, Matthew Rhys, Bill Hader, and the list goes on.

Take a peek at the glamorous Red Carpet.

Report by:
Kalina Fredrick.

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