Glorious home call of Late High Chief Asiayeibo Oyayigha Yinkere -The Ogulapeleowei of Tarakiri Kingdom


The body of late  high chief Asiayeibo Oyayigha Yinkere (The Ogulapeleowei of Tarakiri Kingdom) was laid to rest on Saturday, 10th November, 2018, as the entire family welcomed a great number of people who joined them to pay the final respect to their father, brother, uncle, in-law, grandfather and great grandfather.

The turnout of well wishers to the burial is a testimony of goodwill enjoyed by the late sage and his children.

Late high chief Asieyeibo Oyayigha Yinkere  who answered the glorious home call at 86 years, had lived with an apt preamble that what really, matters is not the wealth, but the legacy of the good name one leaves behind.

May his gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

Picture gallery from the burial below:

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