A Merry Christmas Full of Love in Port Harcourt.


Christmas in Port Harcourt has so many factors to it; the harmattan weather, the many bags of rice bought and shared, all the poor chickens who sacrifice their lives to occupy our pots, the pictures, the Christmas themed events and carols, but mostly it’s about family.

Just like every other year, the best hangouts and restaurants were packed with people all trying to create that Christmas spirit and set the right mood for their loved ones. I mean everyone was out, even the foreigners.

Houses were lit with Christmas fairy lights, the streets were lit up; we were all doing the most to show that this IS Christmas and no matter the circumstances, Christmas is the one time in the year we must always be careful to remain joyful throughout. Even the weather managed to behave itself on the big day.

This year was no different. The season brought joy into the lives of so many and from the many scenarios I saw, I penned it down to being because of one thing; family. Family goes beyond blood; it’s all the people you love and care about.  Your family are the ones who never leave your life no matter what.

And so in every place I found myself, whether it was at church, the studio or work, at the mall or in restaurants; family remained the most constant factor of Christmas even as we celebrate the life of our Saviour.

Hold your loved ones tight this season because we don’t have forever.

A merry past Christmas to you all.


Composed by Kilali James.

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