In Memory of the departed: 2018 in Retrospect.

2018 was a good year to some. It was considered blessed  by yet a few.
Some made their millions and some lost their fortunes. Some got married and  some got divorced.

Children were born, houses were built. Looking back one would say life was on the positive for those who were so fortunate.

So on this day of January 1, 2019, the birth of a new year, Eve Afrique team drove around the city to see how new year is celebrated.

The streets were deserted from Odili Road to GRA. A few cars could be seen here and there. With hustle and bustle laid to rest, the town felt lonely.

The buildings were mere cluster of bricks in solitude. Without humans around them their monumental nature was re confirmed.

However, Port Harcourt mall was as vibrant usual. Cars trailed behind each other for a parking space. Port Harcourt pleasure park took the shine. Genesis on Tombia street and the newly opened Market Square shopping mall was filled with fun seekers in a kaleidoscope of party colours. They came out to share love in spite of the economic hardships of the time.

And then we got to this scene; we paused and took a breath and recalled the tragic incident of 2018…
And remembered , among others,  those who lost the most precious gift of all; life.

To these set of people life has ceased to make any meaning the way we know it. No more Christmas and New year for them. No more warmth from the embrace of a lover.

We post the pictures you see here as our last respect  to those who died in the tragic Port Harcourt building collapse incident along Evo Road.
A building that was being put up to be a shelter has turned out to be their graveside.

knowing that 85 % of incidents are caused by human error got us thinking that this tragedy can be avoided in 2019.

We say farewell forever to those who did not make it through 2018 for one reason or the other.

Happy new year readers!
Composed by Etop Gee.
Pictureshe by Etop Gee

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