KILLED BY STRAY BULLET : Family Lament Neglect.


The family of late Mr. Owunari Douglas who was killed by a stray bullet from the gun of a Police officer in Port Harcourt, has cried out of being abandoned by the Police authority and the government of the state since after the shocking death of their father and bread winner.

He was mulled down by a stray bullet from the barrel of the gun of a serving Police officer attached with the Area Command department of the state4 Command of the Force.

Isoboye Douglas, the son of the deceased, who spoke to our crew that visited the bereaved family in their Port Harcourt residence along Victoria street, revealed that the Area Command department of the Rivers state Command of the Nigeria Police and the state government have not deemed it necessary to compensate the family since after the ugly incident that occurred on Thursday, November 22, 2019.

“Our late father was the sole bread winner of the family before his death. We are six children and since after his death the Police that killed him have not bothered to come and find out how we are faring. He was the one taking care of our education and providing us with food; now that he is killed we are completely abandoned. All we want is for those that killed him to come and provide for us those basic things that our late father was proving for us. I call on the Rivers state government and the Commissioner of Police to come and save our family.”

Recall that late Mr. Owunari Douglas, aged 51 and an indigene of Buguma city of Asari Toru local government area of the state was killed on that fateful day when one of the team of Police men from the Area Command Department on that fateful day, in a counter criminal operation and in a bid to apprehend a suspect opened fire to scare some person trying to give cover to the fleeing person.

In a chat with our crew that visited the bereaved family, Isoboye, the eldest son of the deceased, lamented the sad ordeal the family has been resigned to since after the death of their father, explaining that with the death of their father, the family has been resigned to a state of terrible hardship and hunger.

According to him, “My late father was the bread winner of our family. We are very grieved over his death as he has suddenly left the six of us, his children without anything to lay hands on but to now fend for ourselves. There is no one to pay our school fees and assist our means of survival. All we ask is the needed assistance and support from the Police and state government to give our lives a true meaning, even with the death of our father”.

All effort by this publication to get the side of the Police on this matter has proved abortive. The late Owunari Douglas is variously described as a very peace-loving and easy-going person who abhors violence and enjoys living within his means.
The children are disappointed that so far, the Rivers state Police authority, after the initial visit to the family, are yet to arrive at any understanding with them, fearing that it could be another tale of UNKNOWN KILLER.

“The Police Command in rivers state is not denying killing our father. They have once visited us but after that, nothing has been heard from them. It makes everything frustrating. Not even the state government has shown any interest in our welfare”, Isoboye Douglas stated.


Composed by Elyger Agwu

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