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Ivy Davies Etokakpan (Mrs.) the EIC and COO of EveAfrique, a news and lifestyle magazine with online and hardcopy visibility has doggedly pursued a mandate of searching out and promoting regional icons in the South-South of Nigeria. The success story of these people has served as a mentoring tool that educate, inform and inspire women to reach for the stars!

She has continued to forge on, with admirable doggedness, consistency and determination, where many had long given up due to the harsh economic climate of the Nigerian State, successfully using her magazine for 7 years (2010- 2018) to support charity and create awareness on health related issues like cervical cancer, sickle cell anemia, prostate and colon cancer, with offer of test and treatment for affected persons.

Ivy has from the experience of running EveAfrique, a magazine which has closed out the publicity gap that existed on the lack of knowledge of the accomplishment of women in the Southern region of Nigeria compared to their counterparts in the Western parts of the country like Lagos State thereby creating awareness on business leadership information, been able to provide direction and effective leadership in editorial content and choice of cover stories to the editorial team and with effective coaching and mentoring of staff. She chooses to work with freelance young upcoming photographers and graphic artists, providing them full access to her network for their own professional gains.

With a platform such as EveAfrique, she has fully participated in speaking engagements (with no financial returns) on radio and at conferences where she continues to promote women as capable business and socio political leaders and has been recognised by the Rivers State government as an ordinary woman doing extra ordinary things during the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the State.

The news and lifestyle magazine has used stories of accomplished women to mentor other women to venture into business, making it a point to bring said women to speak to others at organized events hosted by EveAfrique such as: Girls Day Out: Eradication of Sexual Abuse in Children, Dec 2016, Time out for the CEOs: Foresight for 2018 and Time out for the CEOs: Delightful Shades for Success, 2018.

By using the print media, social media platform and speaking engagements, she has also supported a lot of causes and created awareness on health and social conditions that many South-South Nigerians have previously taken for granted while staying politically neutral to avoid sentimental clashes of party supporters that are also her readers and followers. She has been outspoken in demanding for peace in the South-South region at the height of militancy and at political skirmishes between political gladiators and their followers.

Today, discussions on the economy of the South-South of Nigeria is at its best in Port Harcourt where she resides because of the awareness she has created thereby attracting NGOs, corporate organisations and private individuals to follow suit in promoting and sponsoring positive social programmes.

She has received a plethora of awards, naming: The Most outstanding Alumni Award, Nigerian Institute of Journalism, 2016, Recognition as “Ordinary People Doing Extra Ordinary Things, Rivers State Government, Nigeria, on the occasion of her 50th anniversary, Outstanding Woman in the City Award; Le Meridian’s Women’s Month Celebration, 2016, The Award as Inspirational Women in Media by Xperience Womanity Conference in partnership with the Guardian Newspaper, and several others.

Eve Afrique organized events and accomplishments are:

Red Ball in Support of Orphanages, 2011, the Red Ball in Support of Sickle Cell Anemia awareness; SCIMA, 2012, the Red ball in Support of Cervical Cancer Awareness; Nigerian Medical Women Association, 2013, the Red Ball in Support of the Next Generation; 2014, the Red Ball in Support of Diabetes Awareness and Eradication, 2015, the Red ball in support of prostate cancer awareness; Steph Foundation, 2016, the MUST 2017: The Woman and Her MUSTs, April 2017 and the Red Ball in Support of Colon Cancer, 2018

Public Speaking engagements:

Women in Technology, 2017. Xperience Womanity Conference. The winning woman series. ‘Exercise Your Write’. Conference for young and intending writers. ‘Mentoring and making leadership work’. Women in Leadership summit, 2017; ‘The Lady Preneur a change agent’. Nigerian Employers Consultative Association (NECA) Network of Entrepreneurial Women, 2017. ‘Creating tomorrow’s Leaders Today’. MSME connect 2017, Hotel presidential. Girls Day Out: Eradication of Sexual Abuse in Children, Dec 2016. Time out for the CEOs: Foresight for 2018. Time out for the CEOs: Delightful Shades for Success, 2018.

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