Friday, March 22

Alleged Sodomy and Cannibalism in Abuja School

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A six year old physically challenged pupil, Imran exposes sodomy and cannibalism in kuje college Abuja. Imran who needs to undergo an anal surgery as a result of anal molestation he received, is no longer able to pass faeces and in bad need of an MRI scan from hits on his head.

Imran who was recently transferred to Kuje College from a school in Kaduna narrated his ordeal to his grand mother through sign language.

He told her how he and some other pupils in the school are constantly molested and how he was forced to watch other children slaughtered and how the corpses were roasted and the flesh forcefully shoved down the victims throats.

While reiterating her grandson’s story, Hajia Salamatu Abubarka gave a comprehensive detail of the ordeal. She said she and the boys mother who is an Oncologist attended sign classes so they can communicate in signs. It was easier for her to understand the boys tale perfectly without exaggerating.

Hajia Salamatu said when her grand son told her that he would not be returning to school after the holiday if not he would die, she became alarmed.

On inquiry he began to demonstrate how they were usually roused from sleep at night and taken to an unidentified place with their hands tired to their backs and then sodomised.

He explained that this was a continuous thing with the gang and that the process was usualy painful as blood gushes out of his anus each time.

He also talked of back and head pain . He described the leader of the group as being tall. In his story, he told his mothers that people were killed in three ways in this unidentified building.

To kill their victim, they turn the head of their victim, cut the throat or put the head of the victim on the table and severe the head. Then the bodies are roasted and given to them to eat. He said the leader of the group wears gloves and uses a knife and a big fork to cut and roast the flesh, then feed it to the boys with their hands tied to the back. When he tried to talk to his class teacher, he was asked to shut up or get killed.

The mother of the boy said she visited him every two weeks and that he showed them a syringe he brought from his cupboard which was used to draw blood from his arm and given to the leader to drink.

When contacted, the Minister for Education Federal, Adamu Adamu said he shed tears when he heard this little boys tale. “I had to take off my babariga when they narrated this story to me. It was the most harrowing tale I have listened to. So I immediately sent for Mr. Sonny Echono and I told him to take the case as a priority and get in touch with the DG of the Department of State Security and the Inspector General of Police”. He also told news men that he is surprised that the family of the boy went to the media. That she would have told him if she was being threatened or having some challenges because such case should be handled with discretion.

On the morning show today on TVC “your view” the Deputy Director, Head of Information, Federal Ministry of Education, Benjamin Ben-Goong says more than half of the school have already been examined and the health organisation is still carrying out investigation.




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