Friday, March 22

Are round-abouts helping the Port Harcourt Streets

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Moving back to Port Harcourt, I’ve never seen so much traffic congestion. I’ve never been to Lagos before – which I know is worse, but for now, I’m going to give Port Harcourt the award for “the city with bad traffic congestion.”

When I was 7 I left Port Harcourt for Abuja and I remember the city and roads being much more better. But as I returned 3 months ago, i saw that my garden city had become a city alone. You can imagine my shock when I saw how ugly stadium road looked – a road that I had passed each Sunday to church, which I saw as beautiful.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand. Port Harcourt’s bad traffic is something that I had gotten used to. In fact driving on the roads got a bit better. But from Monday when that long, windy, yet beautiful rain happened, it got worse.
I was at the office enjoying the rain and thanking God that the atmosphere was nice. But on going home, I met traffic that kept me hostage for over an hour at the orgbunabali round-about.

From that day, the traffic in Port Harcourt seemed to get worse, most especially at round-abouts. I started wondering if 500+ people had relocated into Port Harcourt during the weekend. But then after talking to a few people and my own realization, I saw that round abouts were adding to the traffic problem in Port Harcourt along side other things.

I’m not saying that round-abouts are wrong, but is saying that it shouldn’t be built when people don’t understand how to use it effectively. When learning from driving school, you hear the term “negotiating a round-about’ which is where drivers stay on their correct lanes, take the roundabout correctly and not move when they can’t. But drivers seem to forget this reasoning and drive, blocking the upcoming lanes that the round-abouts get congested

Do you think this argument Is valid? What are your thoughts? Are round-abouts adding to the problem or do you think 500+ people relocate to Port Harcourt each week?

Reported by Eboselume Ehi-Bello


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