Friday, March 22

Beauty over Fashion?

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Have you ever been in the position of wearing something so beautiful and stylish but yet so uncomfortable?

You can always consciously choose to change your dress style without having to compromise your fashion sense. Your priority should be finding cloths that suit your person. You don’t have to sacrifice being comfortable in an outfit just because it is trending. You owe the crowd no obligation just because the majority of people are wearing it.

Dress consciously without compromising your style. Modify your style to be functional so that you can feel girly, relaxed in yourself and when you add some vivid colors, patterns and impressive gestures by default, it will be stylish and you will feel amazing. Find your appropriate size. This is easily achievable, you can have comfort without compromising your style.

Fashion is an integral part of self realization and self discovery. It is a medium for communication that sets the tone for all your encounters with people. Its fundamental after you’ve defined the benefits the contrasting style can offer.

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Prudence Wokoma

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