Friday, March 22

Fashion and style; Covered or Nudity?

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Shot, hit, miss or dodge!!!

Choose your style!!!

Dressing has been an age long practice in the world before this era of “dress to show how endowed you are in your bosom”. Hmmmm

Do you really feel very comfortable with your hidden parts, especially your boobs exposed with only the nipples covered?

Proper slaying is when all whole body parts are covered. Some body parts are called “private”.” Consider the breast a part of the private part” which should not be placed on the altar of criticism.

Public display of nudity is usually seen in weddings and one begins to wonder if its best to have it written on invitation cards or would it be alright/proper/imperative to turn nude people back from wedding venue?

Let’s make it interactive ; look at the pictures and comment…

What is proper slaying?

What is proper slaying for you? Nudity or proper cover up for you?

Let’s have your views. We’ll be monitoring from the eve afrique desk.


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