Friday, March 22


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How do you handle the tough seasons in your life? Do you see every challenge as an adventures and a phase that will come and go.

As a writer, poet and aesthetic lover, I know that context dramatically shapes perspectives for it always influences what one experiences as content in any given situation. This is a principle of life as the people we interact with, the places we dwell in and the places we visit, usually influences who we are and how we live. In our lives, we all are faced with various kinds of challenges; however our attitude to those challenges will determine our altitude.

At a challenged period of my life I was fortunate to have seen a movie that left a lasting impression on me. I want to share with you our dear readers this story based on the adventures of two young boys starring Keran Culkin as Freak and Eilden Hendon as Mighty titled “Freak the Mighty.”

Mighty being the son of a notorious criminal called Killer Kainwho has no brain was taunted by his peers while the Devil also tormented his mind. He believed he was a big and empty vessel like his father until he met the computer brained Freak who suffered a crippling health condition that left him with a hunch. As a result of his ailment, he would remain stunted while his organs would continue to grow until his heart gives way when itbecomes too big for his bones. Despite Freak’s one year life expectancy, he believed strongly that he would be the first human to be biogenetically improved.

Freak taught the huge but weaker Mighty that brains must be used and taught him affirmations to help boost his self-esteem and also assured him that he was a knight because a knight proves his worthiness through his deeds and not because of who his father is”. He taught Mighty how to read and expand his mind and also taught him to fight like a warrior like those of the Medieval times. Their association was a friendship and partnership whereby they traded each other’s strength. Freak said to Mighty “you need a brain and I need legs.” With their synergy, Mighty would carry Freak on his shoulders and both became one tall, mighty and intelligent individual who foughtthe neighborhood bullies against all odds. Their brief associationwas rich, full of humor and wisdom, ensuring that every day was accounted for meaningfully. 

Freak passed on quietly in his sleep a few months later and he was mourned for a long time by his partner Mighty until one day in Spring while at the bus stop, Mighty met an acquaintance called Loveth, who asked him “What have you been up to these days” and his reply to her was “nothing.” She said “Nothing is a drag kid.” “Think about it”. Mighty thus took his gift from Freak which was a most cherished empty note book bearing the picture of the medieval warrior Freak the Mighty and began to visualize the events of the past. Just as Freak had coined and used words while he taught him to read, he documented his experiences and learnings as he visualized the events of the past few months with his partner thus: “Each word paints a picture and each sentence tells a story.” “The sky is like an old photo grave of billion years ago where some of the stars have been switched off.” “Every word is part of a picture and every sentence is a picture, all you need do is put your imagination and a connection together.” As he put his friend’s favorite instructional quotes down, he said to himself, “If you can read a book maybe you can write one too”. The thought “Kane you got no brain” came to his mind and he wrote that down without feeling discouraged. He kept on writing until it was spring again when he reached the last page and then he got a writer’s block.   

In life we build up so much scenes, events and stories but it takes the right person God destines as our help to get us to discover our potentials especially when all seems bleak. As Lovett said “nothing is a drag.” Some of us have a bit of Freak or a bit of Mighty in us. A self- evaluation from time to time is necessary to enable us improve our strengths   as we minimizeour weaknesses and limitations, therefore I urge you to document the experiences of your life for in doing so, it might be the foundation to the discovery of another of your God given potential for within each and every one of us lies a great genius. I urge you today to therefore go out and kiss the world. 



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