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If you are aged 18-35, this might just change your life

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Are you aged 18-35 from Niger Delta States? Do you desire to own your own business? Are you constantly tired of not seeing your dream become a reality? Shell LiveWIRE just might be the solution you need.

Every day I sit down and think of how I can get my business idea working. These are the questions that run through my mind – How do I start? What and how do I learn? Where do I get funds? What are the necessary steps?
And I know I’m not the only one asking these questions. It’s no secret that students and graduates think about these things.

It’s even more asked in this generation where we see people like Kylie Jenner(aged 22) being billionaires and young people like us making it. I don’t want to fall behind and I’m sure you don’t want to as well. I’ll like to be in my 30’s and know that in the next 3 years, I can retire. Yes! I want to be that rich.

So how can we young folks from the Niger Delta states reach these heights? Recently I got introduced to Shell LiveWIRE – though I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll like to share it with others that might be interested.

So what is Shell LiveWIRE?

Shell LiveWIRE is a programme with an objective to help young Niger Delta locals start their own businesses. The programme trains, guides and supports young entrepreneurs through mentor ship and the provision of finance. So right there our questions of “How to start” and “where to get funding” are answered. In addition, they provide high quality and relevant programmes and opportunities to meet with other young people with similar ambitions and challenges.

The programme was launched in Nigeria on 27th March 2003 to establish and expand youth-owned businesses. Now it has a track record of 6,742 trained Niger Delta youths with further assisting 3,505 to set up their own businesses through start-up awards. These young entrepreneurs have now created employment opportunities for others, thereby contributing to the wider reduction of youth unemployment and poverty in the region. I can say that I’ll love to join them in doing this for our country and I hope that you have this dream too.

Furthermore, the programme has brought about many business successes like Abia International Company, Christy Cakes & Event Planning and Krystalkleair Beauty Spa. The 3 entrepreneurs are building their businesses and our dedicated to adding value to their local communities.

So what are the requirements for Shell LiveWIRE? If you’ll like to know, you can visit their site for more information.


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