Friday, March 22

Lagos school collapse update

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Yesterday at around 10am in Lagos State, a 3-story building housing the Ohen nursery and primary school collapsed. 

On going rescue operations are taking place by the Lagos State Rescue Unit. But before authorities showed up many locals and residents of the area made attempts to free people feared trapped in the building. 

Latest updates says that 22 persons have been rescued but authorities at the scene, asked the public to be patient for the accurate numbers as operations are still going. 

pupil rescued from the collapsed building

While rescue was taking place, it is said that a teacher trapped in the building with 15 pupils called to seek help, but was later unreachable. 

The three story building which collapsed is said to have been marked for demolition by authorities. An eyewitness gave the account. 

A resident of the area, identified simply as Iya Segun, said the building collapsed as a result of its deteriorated state, alleging that government officials responsible for inspecting and certifying buildings for habitation had always turned a blind eye after being bribed by the owners.

In other news, The Federal Ministry of Health has directed all the Federal health institutions in Lagos State to provide necessary healthcare support and ensure adequate services to victims of the collapsed school building in the state.


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