Friday, March 22

Memoirs of a Single Christian lady: Being single comes with all its burdens and benefits

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A true life series by A_Emma

Today is the 27th of February 2019! It’s been a crazy two-months! Meeting pastors and in-laws; reading for my professional exam, making noise all over social media on the need to vote, planning tasks and targets and determining KPI’s for members of staff, relationship wahala, etc. Life is really crazy. I thank God I have the Holy Spirit as my support, help, guide, rock, etc.

It’s really a new year, right? A new year comes with hopes, dreams, and aspirations (and new neighbours who have decided to offer the entire compound their own definition of entertainment-fighting every
morning. My only happiness is that the woman is strong enough to constantly break the man’s head). Some people have even given up on being expectant because of disappointments in the past. I don’t think people should give up on ‘hope’. If your hope for ‘A’ hasn’t worked out after many years of hoping, then have a new ‘hope’; hope for something else, lol.

I guess, if we all look back at our lives from 10 to 20 years ago, there is no how we won’t see things to be grateful to God for. Besides, there are things we have that we take for granted, but other people are crying to God for – you were able to write and pass WAEC, you have advanced academically, you have a job, you’re able to assist people financially no matter how small, your health is okay, you are even married sef, you gave birth to children, none of your kids have any deformities or major health challenge, you didn’t die during childbirth, your husband even has a job at all, I could go on and on.

On the other hand, whether we like it or not, some people will die without getting most of what they desired or even getting the things we have that we take for granted. Let me make this clear;

  • Some people will die without acquiring university degrees.
  • Some will never get married
  • Some will never have enough money to meet their needs
  • Others will never have kids
  • For others their marital problems will never get better

What I think we should all do is as we are all praying, expectant and hopeful for whatever we desire, let us embrace each day with joy; enjoy the good things life has brought our way (don’t let what you don’t have deprive you of this); as far as it is not a sin against God and humanity, do whatever gives you joy each day and be genuinely grateful for whatever you have. Most of all though, let’s all remember it profits a man nothing if he gains the whole world and loses his soul. If we don’t find the things we search for in this world, let us at least aspire to make Heaven so we don’t miss out on both sides.

Anybody reading this will think I’m writing a speech for a group of people, lol.

Let me wait and see who will win the Governorship election in my state first, then I’ll be composed enough to write about my relationship/engagement confusion with David (in addition to the fact that Andy still wants me to spend some time with him in the UK…).


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