Friday, March 22

U.S citizens will need a visa to travel to Europe beginning in 2021.

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United States citizens will be required to have visa if they travel to Europe beginning from 2021. The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) has said.

“The visa will be valid for three years and will allow a holder to enter the country “as many times as necessary” says ETIAS.

Currently, U.S. citizens may travel to Europe for up to 90 days without a Visa.

“Like many other countries, the decision to requires a visa comes in an effort to improve security and avoid any further problems with illegal immigrations and terrorism.

“The requirement includes the European Schengen-zone, a group of 26 countries, 22 of which are members of the European union” it said.

When enrolling in ETIAS, a person’s passport must be valid for three months after the intended stay.

Passport over 10 years old may not be accepted as valid forms of documentation for travel.

Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Spain and Switzerland are just a few of the countries affected by the mandate.

ETIAS is a border control system created by the European commission which works to secure borders around the EU.

Reports says a full list of countries that will require a visa from U.S. citizens is available on the ETIAS website (dpa/NAN)


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